What Could Cause My Child Support to Change?

If your circumstances change, your child support may need to be reconfigured as well. According to Colorado state law, there must be a 10% change in obligation to warrant a modification. An obligation here means a change in support owed, whether decreased or increased. This may occur for a variety of reasons. Below, we’ve listed the most common reasons child support modifications are necessary.

Change in Income

When the income of either parent changes drastically, it is likely the child support payments will need to be modified to reflect that change. Should the parent paying support suffer a pay decrease or job loss, they may be required to pay less. That being said, if a person decides to voluntarily be unemployed, this will not alter the payments required.

The Number of Nights Each Parent Has the Child

There are two different worksheets that determine child support obligation. Depending on which worksheet your case abides by, and how many overnights each parent has, this can determine the required child support. Should circumstances, and subsequently the overnights of each parent, change, you may modify child support to reflect the time each parent has with the child.

Change in Child’s Expenses

Few things remain the same, and in the cost of raising children can alter for a variety of reasons. For instance, if a child needed daycare as a toddler, but now attend a public school where payments are not required, the child’s expenses have decreased. Or, a child could face new, recurring medical expenses that the parents must pay to keep their child healthy and happy, thus increasing the cost of care.

Change in Child’s Health Insurance

Depending on coverage options and the occupations of each parent, a child may be switched from one parent’s health insurance to the other. If this should happen, the child support may be modified to compensate the parent paying for the child’s insurance.


In Colorado, the typical age of emancipation is 19 years of age. At this time, a child is no longer considered a child, and therefore requires no child support. This either terminates child support, or, if there is another child included in the custody agreement, it will be modified to only include the younger child.


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