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When a family court proceeding is not conducted properly or yields an unjust result, there are procedures in place to remedy the situation. Our law allows appeals to be made to the rulings based on faults in one or more of a few specific aspects of the proceeding.

Some bases for appeal include:

  • The ruling inappropriately interpreted an established law.
  • The ruling misapplied the facts of the case to the law.
  • Evidence was admitted that should not have been or was unlawfully obtained and became relevant to the Court’s decision.
  • The Court inappropriately exceeded its authority or discretion.
  • One party withheld material information they were under a duty to provide.

Nothing is as important to a society as the law, and we feel that it is equally important for us officers of the Court to help make sure rulings and trials are conducted fairly and in line with the laws of the United States. Appeals, which appear in several forms, are one of the avenues through which we can do this. However, an appeal cannot be made simply out of resentment of the outcome; it must stem from a legitimate basis. At Hinds and Hinds Family Law, P.C., we can help you determine if you have an appealable issue.

Common Rulings To Be Appealed

In family law, appeals are usually made on rulings decided by a family court judge, and they typically pertain to one of the adverse effects of a divorce or legal separation.

If warranted, our Greenwood Village family law attorneys can help appeal rulings pertaining to:

Fierce Legal Representation

While we would always prefer a divorce to be settled amicably and as peacefully as possible, we know it is not always the case. Sometimes, our job requires a strong courtroom presence, a lot of will, and determination. Our team is comprised of highly skilled litigators prepared to fiercely advocate on your behalf. We know when justice has not been served in the family courts, and we have the tools to correct it.

Call Hinds & Hinds Family Law, P.C. today at (303) 900-4788 to schedule your consultation and tell us about what you would like to appeal.


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