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At Hinds & Hinds Family Law, P.C., we are committed, first and foremost, to family safety and well-being. If you need help obtaining a protection order, or enforcing one, our Greenwood Village family lawyers are here to help.

Determining When a Protection Order Is Attainable

In terms of family law, a protection order will most likely be needed and obtainable against another individual for acts or behaviors classified as domestic violence. To obtain a restraining order for domestic violence, you must be able to prove that the person committing the acts of violence is someone now or formerly related to you by blood or marriage; someone who is living or formerly lived with you; or someone you once had an intimate relationship with.

Examples of when it may be appropriate to file a protection order may include situations in which the abuser:

  • Engages in verbal abuse or harassment in the home or over the phone
  • Threatens to injure himself or herself
  • Threatens to physically or sexually abuse you, your children, or your animals
  • Threatens you by following you or throwing things
  • Grabs, punches, kicks, bites, chokes, or physically harms you in any way
  • Forces sexual contact on you
  • Forces you, against your will, into a designated location in the home

Determining the Correct Type of Protection Order for Your Case

There are different kinds of protection orders, or restraining orders, that the state of Colorado may issue depending on the nature and degree of the alleged domestic violence.

Common protection orders include:

  • Temporary Protection Order – issued if judge perceives that you are in immediate danger, and within about 14 days, there will be a hearing to advance it to a permanent order.
  • Permanent Protection Order – During your hearing, the judge can either continue the temporary protection order for a period of no more than 1 year, or the judge can enact a permanent protection order.
  • Emergency Protection Order – these may be requested by local law enforcement and even social services if they believe an individual or child is in immediate danger of physical or sexual abuse.
  • Civil No-Contact Orders - Generally achieved by stipulation between the parties, this may be a more appropriate and less contentious avenue to achieve the requisite level of safety for the situation.

Let Our Team Help You

The Greenwood Village family lawyers at our firm have decades of experience in family law, and unique, interdisciplinary backgrounds in social work and child advocacy. If you are in immediate danger, first get yourself out of it by calling the necessary authorities. Please call Hinds & Hinds Family Law, P.C. to help make sure you and your children are not put into a dangerous situation.

Call (303) 900-4788 to speak to one of our Greenwood Village protection order attorneys today.


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